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Why choose Australian made insulated roofing panels over imported panels ..

Australian made insulated panels like what Tropicool insulated roofing panels supply, they are made from superior materials, use fire retardant polystyrene, and have been tested by James Cook University Townsville for engineering for panel spans , fixings for differing thicknesses, wind load ratings up to cyclone ratings .

You have many more choices when Tropicool panels supply your insulated panel roofing materials, choice of 14 colors, panels are made to exact size and direction of lay you require, panels are made with an end overhang making gutter installation much simpler, the panel joint underneath is a tight joint without gaps unlike imported panels.


Imported insulated panels , may not contain fire retardant polystyrene insulation core , generally come only in white, lengths available are to suit maximizing container space, you will have make the panels work for you, You may have to pay for lengths they have and rework them to suit, this adds time and more money to your project. Some have questionable origins, very limited or nil guarantee or warranty ( its buyer beware ), or you have to pay additional to get some type of engineering, large gappy panel joints underneath ( this is what you will look at forever)


At Tropicool insulated panels, we only sell Australian made products, insulated panels for walling and roofing , colorbond flashings and trims

Tropicool panels have been in the insulated panel industry for more than 30 years and know quality, as our reputation and longevity in business depends on giving you quality service, quality products every time so you will be our best advertising to your friends and family.

All Australian made Insulated panel roofing , gives peace of mind for quality and warranty 15 yrs against panel delimitation, panels come with a form 16 and complete panel span engineering , so you can get council approvals for your project without delay. You may think this does not count for much now, but what happens in a couple years down the track and you sell your property, the savvy buyer wants to know if the structure is sound and council approved, if not you will require a certifier to certify the structure, and most probable have the need to engage the services of an expensive engineer to achieve council approval. If you can not produce the proper documentation, ie: form 16 and panel span engineering documents of the actual panel used, this could cost you thousands off your sale price or worse have to pull it down in extreme cases.

In most cases if there are not council approvals for your additions already in place, solicitors of the purchasers, and also building and pest inspectors when doing their inspection reports , often assist the purchasers to offer many thousands of dollars less than the agreed purchase price, technically to hold you to some sort of Ransome, or crash the sale contract, and where does this leave you now. Yes a slightly cheaper price in the first instance for your insulated panel patio roof materials does not look that cheap now.

Another avenue to investigate by using a non Australian compliant insulated panel is your house insurance, if a catastrophic event was to happen like a severe storm or fire, and it was found to be caused by or had an influence on an insurable outcome, your insurance company may and could renege on an insurance payout and you are left without insurance cover.

Questions to ask when researching insulated panels for your project:

Where are the panels made, are they made with fire retardant polystyrene core , will using imported panels void my house insurance, what guarantee or warranty is offered on the insulated panels, what choice of colors even if you only want white, can I get any length I want, do i get panel span engineering and a form 16 upon purchase included in panel price .

If you can’t get satisfactory answers best to look else where.


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