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Lights and electrical in insulated panels

At Tropicool Insulated panel systems we always advise to exercise caution when using 240 v cables in insulated panel, if you choose to use 240 v cable within the insulated panel it MUST be in a conduit, consult your electrician for clarification.

The hazard of unprotected std electrical cable ( TPS/PVC) when an unprotected cable comes into contact with polystyrene the cable can be compromised by a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction is caused by the use of plasticisers in the manufacture of the cable to make them flexible, over time the plasticiser leaches out of the cable making the cable harder and brittle and prone to cracking , this could mean live conductors will be exposed and the possibility of electric shock or fire could result. E safe Electrical advises if you use a LSZH cable this will not be the case as this type of cable is non migratory and is suitable for use without a conduit

At Tropicool panels we offer a much better lighting solution we offer down lights that are 12 v with a 12 v cable running in the panel joint to an external fitted transformer. These lights are specifically designed to be installed into confined space such as insulated panel. 12 v LED lights do not get hot so therefore last much longer up to 50,000 hrs , if a light is unsuitable for confined space they get very hot causing the lifespan of the light to be reduced dramatically, there for blow and stop working in the best case, at worst this overheating could cause a fire , a fire from an overheated light can cause severe damage even in a panel with fire retardant styrene core and could be catastrophic in an imported panel with our a fire retardant styrene core.



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